Acme Studios — The Finnish Institute UK and Ireland/Acme London Residency 2024 FAQ

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FAQs The Finnish Institute UK and Ireland/Acme London Residency, 2024

If you can’t find something, or have further queries please email: [email protected].

1) How do I demonstrate my professional artistic practice?

We ask for evidence (such as your website, CV, images and/or film) that your art practice has been your principal activity whilst not being attached to an educational institution. However, we also understand that there are reasons why artists might need to take time out from their practice because of caring responsibilities or health reasons.

If you are unsure whether your situation meets this requirement, please contact us to discuss your eligibility.

2) What do you mean by Finnish or Finland-based?

You are either a Finnish national or resident in Finland.

3) What do you mean by “additional barriers” in pursuing my artistic practice?

We recognise that most artists face challenges as they build and sustain their artistic practice. Additional barriers may also be faced by those who have experienced discrimination and marginalisation due to their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and/or disability, and those who come from low income/working class backgrounds. The residency is designed for those who, because of one or more of these characteristics, would not otherwise be able to undertake a residency in London.

4) Can I apply if I did not attend art school?

Yes. You are eligible to apply without having received any formal art education.

5) I have applied for an Acme residency before, can I apply again?


6) How will Acme accommodate my access needs?

This is in conversation with individual artists. Acme have put aside a discretionary access grant to assist with personal access needs for D/deaf/disabled/neurodiverse artists. We will invite artists to provide us with an Access Rider outlining their specific needs when they take up the residency, to ensure we can support them effectively:

7) Can I apply if I currently have an Acme studio?

Current Acme studio tenant holders are not eligible to apply for this residency. This residency is intended to provide studio space for artists who do not currently have access to this resource. Artists who may have precarious or intermittent studio access may also apply.