Acme Studios — Archive

Supporting Artists since 1972

Throughout Acme’s history, there has been a consistent commitment to documenting our work – from our original houses, to studios and other projects, and many of the 7,000 artists we have helped since 1972.

The result is a unique and extensive collection of images and publications charting the development of Acme, of artists’ practice, as well as the changing face of East London. Many photographs were specially commissioned from artist photographers including Hugo Glendinning, John Riddy and Edward Woodman.

The Acme Archive is accessible by appointment only to researchers and others with an interest in Acme, East London, and of how artists make a vital contribution to communities. To arrange a visit, please get in touch.

As part of Acme’s 50th anniversary, we’re sharing 50 stories from the Acme Archive. Keep an eye on Acme’s social media (Instagram/Twitter) for a new one each week. #Acme50