Acme Studios — #42 Partner spotlight: Aargauer Kuratorium

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#42 Partner spotlight: Aargauer Kuratorium

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Aargauer Kuratorium is the Arts Council of the Swiss canton of Aargau, acting on behalf of the Government yet fully autonomous. It invests in artists, cultural activities and cultural institutions and supports a wide range of activities across the arts, from classical music to rock/pop, theatre to literature, fine art to performance, film to digital art.

The grants are for individual artists and arts organisations mainly based in the canton of Aargau. They range from the support of exhibitions to theatre productions, concerts to film screenings, printing of literary works or art catalogues to CD or DVD productions.

Besides funding of annual programmes of various cultural organisations in the canton of Aargau the support of individual artists is an important strand of Aargauer Kuratorium’s grant-making activity. Individual artists may apply for support of postgraduate training, individual grants or artists’ residencies.

Aargauer Kuratorium offers four artists’ residencies abroad, two in Berlin, one in Paris and one in London. Six- or three-months’ studio residencies are available for artists living in the canton of Aargau or having a dedicated personal or artistic relationship with the canton. The London residency programme is a partnership with Acme that started in 1999 and is very highly sought after by artists from the canton of Aargau.

Over 55 artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers have benefited from the programme since it’s inception. The current resident is Benjamin Kaczor. Past residents include: Sunil Mann, Christoph Gallio, Vela Arbutina, Geraldine Honauer, Mira Tschani, Tanja Bykova, Corinne Nora Huber, Andreas Bertschi, James Varghese, Carolina Stiles, Jan Hofer, Dominique Muller, Silvan Schmid, Alessandro Giannelli, Patrik Luscher, Oliver Krahenbuhl, Bodo Maier, Madeleine Amsler, Benny Jaberg, Cedric Eisenring, Michael E. Graber, Thomas Kern, Bettina Disler, Luca Martin, Andreas Marti, Tobias Pingler, Michael Fricker, Jeanette Munoz, Marianne Engel, Ingrid Wildi Merino, Anna Merz, Ann Nelson, Rafael Sommerhalder, Max Matter, Martina Weber, Mette Stausland, Denise Kobler, Jan Zimmerly, Christina Zulauf, Eric Hattan, Joke Lanz, Michael Saxer, Regula Keller, Regula Stibi, Marcel Vaid, Andre Meier, Andrea Müller, Franz Rueb, Ursina Roesch, Zsigmond Toth, Manfred Werder, Charlotte Hug, Hans Koch, Felix Knüsel and Franziska Furter.