Acme Studios — #15 Tanya V. Abelson, 2023 Hessische Kulturstiftung Residency

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#15 Tanya V. Abelson, 2023 Hessische Kulturstiftung Residency

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“It is vital for creativity, for the sustainability of art and culture, to allow artists to indulge in a period of deep reflection with genuine support that does not limit or force them to produce under urgency.”

Tanya V. Abelson’s work is centred on sculpture and the sculpturist music capacity that the body contains. Her approach is based on biographical objects, combined with the self-made process. She explores new shapes from the transformation process and mutation to create new instruments. Costumes for ceremonies and fashion are a central theme.

Tanya was selected by Hessische Kulturstiftung for a 12-month residency in a work/live studio managed by Acme in London. Residencies are awarded to visual artists who were born in the German state of Hesse, have a permanent residence there, or hold a diploma from a Hessian art academy.

“It is already a very stimulating experience to have a workspace in these conditions. Being in the centre of London, in a pleasant, calm and well-connected environment, makes me reflect on the relationship between the surrounding for the production of art and its results.”

Tanya V. Abelson

Tanya’s studio practice combines research on different topics, orbiting fashion, sculpture, DIY experiences and recycling. “I like to think of studio time as a stage of experimentation.” She will spend her time in London reading about ancient stringed and wind musical instruments, as well as the study of cymatics.

Tanya thinks opportunities like these are important for artists, “above all, in a city with endless stimulations like London, where time to reflect is quality time.”