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Winnie Cheng

Khazanah Nasional Associate Artist Residency Programme

Winnie Cheng a.k.a ERYN (b. 1983) is a Penang-based artist who creates surreal compositions using drawing, painting, cutouts and collage. Her interest in storytelling is apparent in most of her works which are driven by narratives revolving around human psychology, self-identity and gender issues in Southeast Asia. Using a small scalpel, Winnie creates layers of meticulously cut paper dioramas of strange characters in otherworldly settings inspired by the lush tropical biodiversity of her home. She draws upon personal observation to craft human-animal and human-plant hybrids, turning the familiar into a distorted mirror of reality to try to see beyond the everyday into the hidden depths of our psyche.

Winnie completed her Masters in Art by Research from the University of Brunei Darussalam in 2013 and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto in 2006. She has participated in local and regional art exhibitions including Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, and Brunei and was the recipient of the Gold Award in the Emerging Artist category of the UOB Painting of the Year (Malaysia) Competition in 2015. She held her first solo exhibition titled “Mirror Mirror” at G13 Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July 2019.

Khazanah Nasional, Malaysia

Khazanah Nasional, in collaboration with Acme, developed the Khazanah Nasional Associate Artist Residency Programme (KAAR), a 12-week residency programme catered for emerging Malaysian artists based at Acme studios. An initiative under the Khazanah Residency Programme, the KAAR is an annual programme designed to develop and prepare young artists for the next growth phase in their professional careers. Typically, artists for the KAAR are nominated by galleries and residencies in Malaysia and subsequently selected by Khazanah Nasional and Acme.

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