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Gemma Anderson 

Fire Station Residency

Gemma Anderson's work includes drawing, etching, weaving, watercolour, origami, installations, while also presenting through workshops, talks, online archives and books. Driven by an interest in biology, philosophy and art, Gemma's practice explores form and the relationships between formation, growth, morphology and development through experimental printmaking and drawing processes.   

She is an artist and research fellow at Egenis Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences, Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology, University of Exeter and Falmouth School of Art, Falmouth University. Recent exhibitions include, ‘The Botanical Mind: Art, Mysticism and the Cosmic Tree’ Exhibition at Camden Arts Centre, London, 2020, ‘Unbounded’ Eden Project, Cornwall, 2019, ‘Facing History’, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2016, and Portraits: Patients and Psychiatrists, Freud Museum, London, 2010

Fire Station Residency

The Fire Station Residency provides secure, practical, work/live studio space, and a programme of artist support and professional development for five years. Based in the heart of East London, the residency allows artists more time to concentrate on the development of their work and careers, and less time working to survive. Artists were selected by artist and educator Cath Hawes, artist Gayle Chong Kwan, and Acme's founder and former Chief Executive Jonathan Harvey.