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Paul Maheke

Fire Station Residency

Paul Maheke (born 1985, Brive-la-Gaillarde, France) lives and works in London. With a focus on dance and through a varied and often collaborative body of work comprising performance, installation, sound and video, Paul considers the potential of the body as an archive in order to examine how memory and identity are formed and constituted.

Recent exhibitions and performances include Sénsa (performance with Nkisi and Ariel Efraim Ashbel), Abrons Art Center, New York, Performa 19 and Meetings on Art, 58th Venice Biennale (2019); Elements of Vogue, Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City (2019); Transcorporealities, Ludwig Museum, Cologne (2019); Le Fil d’Alerte, Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Paris (2019); OOLOI, Triangle France, Marseille (2019); Diable Blanc, Galerie Sultana (2019); A fire circle for a public hearing, Vleeshal, Middelburg (2019) among others.

"I am thrilled to be one of the recipients of the Acme five year residency at the Fire Station. I have considered leaving London on many occasions because of the financial pressure and lack of space. This new opportunity enables me to continue to live in the city and alleviates a deep sense of precariousness despite the atrocity of the current political context. London has played an important role in my career and I was hoping I would manage to stay. I am very lucky to be able to do so and to follow on with the recent development of my work, which focuses on performance and installation that explore alternative narratives and ways of producing knowledge" – Paul Maheke

Fire Station Residency 2020-2025

The Fire Station Residency provides secure, practical, work/live studio space, and a programme of artist support and professional development for five years. Based in the heart of East London, the residency allows artists more time to concentrate on the development of their work and careers, and less time working to survive. Artists were selected by Anthea Hamilton, artist and current Acme work/live studio resident; Judith Carlton, Director of Southwark Park Galleries; Paul Bayley, Head of Residencies & Awards, Acme; and Charlie Coffey, Programme Manager, Residencies & Awards, Acme.