Acme Studios — Artist Rent Relief Fund

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COVID–19 Artist Rent Relief Fund

About the fund

As part of Acme's ongoing commitment to supporting its artist tenants, the application deadline for the fund has been extended for an additional three months.

This fund is intended for those suffering financial hardship due to the COVID–19 crisis, jeopardising their ability to pay studio rent. The aim of this fund is to relieve financial pressure, enabling artists to retain their studio in the long term.

Successful applications will receive 50 per cent rent relief for a period of three months, which will not need to be repaid to Acme.

The fund is aimed at those artists who are in most need of support at this time. We therefore ask that you do not apply if:

  • Your principle income is from employment and you are continuing to be paid during this time.
  • The majority of your income is being or will be replaced by government support schemes or other sources.
  • You have not yet confirmed your eligibility for support from other sources.

We understand the situation is changing day by day, we suggest applying for a rent payment break first and wait to apply for this fund once you are clearer about your financial circumstances. Please contact Ben Lawley, Rent Account Manager for more details about rent payment breaks.

Artists can apply at any point up to Tuesday 1 September 2020.

To apply

Click here to complete the COVID–19 Artist Rent Relief Fund application form.

Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis by a panel of Acme staff. We will assess all applications within four weeks of receipt, and funds will be paid directly into studio accounts.

Acme’s decisions regarding qualification for our rent relief fund are final, and there is no appeals process. However, if your situation changes significantly you may re-apply with updated information. Artists who have previously benefitted from the fund are not eligible to re-apply.

We anticipate a large number of applications, and we will aim to process them as quickly as possible. If you haven't heard from us within four weeks of application, please get in touch.