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Terri Bird

Australia Council for the Arts Residency

Terri Bird is an Australian artist and writer. Terri's research focuses on sculptural practices that connect art's material operations to matter's potential force and dynamics. This project owes a debt to the rethinking of material relations that has been a focus of feminist philosophers seeking to problematize understandings of matter outside its customary associations with form, content and meaning.

Her works have been included in the Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art (1994), Signs of Life (1999) and Skinned (2004). Since 2002, Terri has worked collaboratively with Bianca Hester and Scott Mitchell as OSW (Open Spatial Workshop). In 2005 OSW won the inaugural Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture, and in 2017 they exhibited Converging in Time, at MUMA, exploring the connections between materiality, the shaping of territories and the various politics inscribed in place. This was framed through their research into the Natural Sciences Collection at Museum Victoria, employing specific specimens to explore entanglements between geology, geography, colonisation, resource extraction and philosophical thought.

Australia Council for the Arts

Since 1992, the Australia Council for the Arts has partnered with Acme to provide London work/live residency opportunities for Australian visual artists. These residencies are located at Acme's Fire Station in Poplar, E14. Application and selection is undertaken directly by the Australia Council for the Arts.

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