Acme Studios — #19 Noah Smith, Associate Studio Programme

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#19 Noah Smith, Associate Studio Programme

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“The Associate Studio Programme is the only way I would have been able to afford to have a studio, without it I would find it incredibly hard to have a practice at all.”

Noah Smith’s practice spans performance, film and installation. Art provides him with a framework to be continuously curious. Through his work he engages in research, questioning how the world operates and generating forms that provide him with a deeper understanding of the world around him.

Noah is one of 25 artists selected from the Associate Studio Programme. Developed in 2010 out of a partnership between Acme and Double agents, a research project based at Central Saint Martins, the Associate Studio Programme provides low-cost professional space for graduates from University of the Arts BA Fine Art course for 2 years and a programme of studio visits by artists, curators, writers and peers.

“Without opportunities like this, there is very limited space for young artists now. If we do not want art making to become a pay-to-play pastime for the rich, it is our duty as a community to provide spaces for young artists to develop, regardless of their personal and intergenerational wealth.”

Noah Smith

Noah plans to spend his time in the studio returning to making sculptural objects and developing his 3D making skills in the process. He appreciates the size of the studio space and the opportunity to come together with other artists to make an efficient, comfortable environment in which to create.

“Having physical space to work has obvious benefits but to share a space, to be afforded a group of peers, to talk and share ideas is the basis on which I can make.”