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Rose Davey

Adrian Carruthers Award

Rose Davey is an artist making paintings that address the concept of the “frame” and “landscape”. Experimenting with tone, colour, and light Rose references the work of Old Masters. She received degrees in Fine Art and Art History from The University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art in 2007 and received a Masters from Slade School of Fine Art, 2010. Rose is also the co-founder of the artist collective LeandaKateLouise.

Rose’s exhibitions include, Conversations in Colour, Cooke Latham Gallery, London, 2020; Studio Works: Slade2Sing, The Studio at Thomson, Singapore, 2019; Collaborators 4, Roaming Room, London, 2015; A Little Patch of Yellow Wall, Lion and Lamb, London, 2014; Creekside Open, selected by Ceri Hand, APT Gallery, London, 2013; Assemble, Liquid Courage Gallery, Nassau, Bahamas, 2012. Rose was invited as a guest editor for issue 241 of AMBIT magazine. She has written for artist publications including, I Dunno, I Just Like It, Claire Dorsett, commissioned by Workplace Foundation, Gateshead, 2019; and Where There is Darkness There is Light, Tessa Whitehead, National Gallery of the Bahamas, Nassau, 2019. Rose is a tutor at Slade School of Fine Art.

Adrian Carruthers Award

The Adrian Carruthers Award is a partnership between Acme and the Slade School of Fine Art, funded by the Adrian Carruthers Memorial Fund and Acme. Aiming to provide a bridge between art school and professional practice, the award includes a generous bursary, rent-free studio space and a mentoring programme. Recipients of Acme’s Early Career Awards Programme work from shared studios in order to encourage an environment of peer support and critical dialogue.