Acme Studios — #46 Ola & Mark Otog, Artists at Risk

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#46 Ola & Mark Otog, Artists at Risk

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Ola and Mark Otog are a married couple from Ukraine, working as a creative duo. Their practice is cross-disciplinary, transcending the traditional boundaries that separate designers from artists. The main focus of their projects is to give thought-provoking background to everyday conventional objects and place them in the area between physical and digital spaces.

Ola and Mark are Acme’s second Artists at Risk (AR) residents – a residency in a work/live studio provided by a partnership between Artists at Risk (AR) and Acme. The Artists at Risk residency provides relocation assistance to artists and cultural workers fleeing conflict.

“In the face of the ongoing war in Ukraine, we have relocated more than 12 times in the past year and finally have a temporary sense of stability and home at Acme studio, where we are able to calm and focus on development of new ideas and projects.”

Ola and Mark Otog