Acme Studios — Out of Shape at PEER

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Out of Shape at PEER

30 September 2019

28 September – 12 October 2019
PEER, 97-99 Hoxton Street, London N1

Out of Shape presents the work of Greta Davies, Kate Howard and Marylyn Molisso, whose practices centre on large-scale installation and sculpture, and who have just completed year-long graduate awards at Acme's Warton House in Stratford.

The exhibition marks PEER's fourth year of partnership with Acme, to offer early career artists the opportunity to exhibit at an acclaimed gallery, and benefit from mentoring and guidance provided by their team.

Greta Davies (Adrian Carruthers Award 2018/19) makes site-specific installations and works in a multitude of media including: paint, print, digital photography, stop motion and projection. Her work is a graphic exploration of space that particularly examines the architectural volumes and voids in our everyday lives that are often overlooked or unnoticed. Through use of lines, patterns and optical illusion, the work invites the viewer to notice these spaces and observe them in a new light, opening them up to new experiences and playfully questions how her interventions and the space are viewed.

Kate Howard
’s (Goldsmiths MFA Award 2018/19) sculptural practice investigates notions of gender and sexuality; fed by their own identity struggles and non-conformity to gender binaries and stereotypes. The work playfully challenges and undermines prevailing sculptural traditions, particularly that of monolithic masculine modernist sensibilities, with a sardonic humour. Aiming to address contemporary and historic feminist issues, the work questions the role of pornography within society, and whether a more inclusive repertoire of desire can be encouraged.

Marylyn Molisso
(Helen Scott Lidgett Award 2018/19) creates installations that explore the artist’s anxious relationship with her own practice, her apprehensions around temporality and the future, and her sense of ‘guilt that comes with being a creator of meaningless objects’. Molisso uses her old clothes, scaffolding, floorboards from her family home and bedding among many other materials to probe at the inherent essence of things. Destined to outlive their maker, these materials were intended for use but have now been warped into impractical creations, their meanings constantly in flux.

Acme’s early career programme provides artists in their first five years of practice with a variety of support structures, including financial subsidy, rent relief, professional development, mentoring, presentation and exhibition opportunities. The programme aims to make a substantial intervention at a critical moment in artists’ careers, as they transition from the supportive environment of an arts institution into lifelong professional practice.