Acme Studios — #32 Goldsmiths MFA Award 2023/24 announcement

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#32 Goldsmiths MFA Award 2023/24 announcement

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We are very pleased to announce  Anouk Verviers as the recipient of the Goldsmiths MFA Award 2023/24.

Anouk was selected from a shortlist of artists by a panel including artist Chooc Ly Tan.

Anouk Verviers’ work investigates systems of power through non-systemic processes: processes that are unstable, adaptable, and open to leave space for experimentation, collaboration, and embodied ways of understanding. Using sound, woodwork, ceramic, drawing, archival and everyday materials, bodies, and cameras, she creates performances, installations, videos, sound pieces, and sculptures. Her work aims to embrace complexity and multiplicity, revealing entanglements between ourselves, others, and the matter around us.

As part of the Acme Early Career Programme, the Goldsmiths MFA Award is a partnership between Acme, Goldsmiths, University of London and Jane Hamlyn. The award offers one graduating MFA student of Goldsmiths a shared studio, bursary, programme of support and the opportunity to exhibit with an Acme partner gallery.

The current award holder is Maria Joranko (2022/23). Previous recipients include Bryan Giuseppi Rodriguez Cambana (2021/22), Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou (2020/21), Avril Corroon (2019/20), Rain Howard (2018/19), Chris Timms (2017/18), Ruth Waters (2016/17), Alison Ballance (2015/16), Cynthia Cruz (2014/15) and Sarah Duffy (2013/14).