Acme Studios — Howard Dyke

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Howard Dyke

Jessica Wilkes Studio Award

Howard Dyke’s work mixes paint with collage and photographic imagery. He uses charged imagery foraged for in newspapers and the internet as a starting point.

Recent exhibitions include Biennale, Drawing Room, London (2017); Self Storage, Ridgeway Road, London (solo, 2017); Residency, Bon Volks, Margate, Kent (2017); The British Society of Self Depreciation, Cheng Centre for Contemporary art, Beijing (2016); KEROSENE, Charlie Dutton Gallery (solo, 2012); London 12, City Art Gallery Prague (2012); Law of the Jungle, Lehman Maupin, New York (2011). Collections include Saatchi Collection, David Roberts Foundation, Simmons & Simmons and Beth de Woody.

Jessica Wilkes Award

The Jessica Wilkes Award was in memory of artist and former Acme tenant, Jessica Wilkes, and took place between 2008-16. It was one of two studio alternating awards for an Acme tenant, along with the Rita Harris Award. It provided artists with full rent relief on their Acme studio for one year, mentoring support and a bursary to support their practice over the year.