Acme Studios — #22 The Acme Office

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#22 The Acme Office

50 stories from The Acme Archive

The Acme office has been based at 4 locations during its history. The first office location was at 117 Devons Road, home to Jonathan Harvey. In 1976, the Acme office moved to the Acme Gallery at Covent Garden, serving both the Gallery and the Housing Association. At this time, Acme had a small team, which included Richard Deacon and Shirley Read.

In 1981, the Acme office moved to the Robinson Road studios. The office was located in a space which is now used as a studio, over the entrance on Robinson Road. The staff at the time of the 1985 brochure had grown to five, who are featured in images taken at the time.

In 1992, the office moved to the new studio building at Copperfield Road, where it is still based. There have been consistencies across all these offices. The 1995 Acme brochure notes the continuity and consistency of management, while also highlighting the low turnover of staff, mentioning in particular two members of staff who had worked across all three offices- Roger Kite and Sarah Greengrass. Not mentioned, but featured in the images taken for that brochure in 1994, is the office clock – originally a factory clock found at Robinson Road, which moved with the staff into the new office in 1992.