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Christopher Handran

Australia Council for the Arts Residency

Christopher Handran is a contemporary artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Christopher’s practice explores perception and phenomenal experience, particularly as mediated by technologies such as photography, film and video. Rather than using commercial equipment, Christopher constructs and modifies his own cameras and lenses using D-I-Y techniques and salvaged materials. The idiosyncratic image-making devices that result from these manipulations and misuses are used to document everyday phenomena and immediate surroundings, and to create and frame the experience of viewers in the gallery.

Recent solo exhibitions include: You and the Universe, QUT Creative Industries, Brisbane (2019); Light Space Replicator, Kuiper Projects, Brisbane (2018); Curve of Sensations, Metro Arts, Brisbane (2017); Aqueous Humour, FirstDraft, Sydney (2015); and Flickr Films, Kings Artist-run, Melbourne (2015). In 2015 Christopher was also the ‘Visualist-in-Residence' at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry in Los Angeles, and in 2016 received a Research Training Program Scholarship from the Australian Government.

Australia Council for the Arts

Since 1992, the Australia Council for the Arts has partnered with Acme to provide London work/live residency opportunities for Australian visual artists. These residencies are located at Acme's Fire Station in Poplar, E14. Application and selection is undertaken directly by the Australia Council for the Arts.

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