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Shevaun Wright

Creative Australia

Shevaun Wright is a practicing First Nations artist and lawyer who is engaged in an interdisciplinary practice that utilises the contractual medium and the notion of the ‘social contract’, as well as re-contextualised dialogues as a tool for engaging in institutional legal and artistic critique.

She is a licensed lawyer in California and New South Wales, and holds masters degrees in visual art and law including an MFA from UCLA. Since undertaking the Whitney ISP in 2015, her works have been exhibited across the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe. She is interested in contributing to the growing field of legal aesthetics and hopes to learn more about the British side of her family history and its role in the colonial histories of both Ireland and Australia alongside the development of private property and the enclosure movement whilst at Acme.

Creative Australia

Creative Australia, (formerly known as the Australia Council) is the Government’s principal arts investment and advisory body and is the centrepiece of Revive, the Government’s National Cultural Policy. Creative Australia supports and promotes creative arts practice that is recognised nationally and internationally, and provides research and advocacy on issues affecting the sector.

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