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K. Yoland

Southwark Studio Award

K. Yoland is an artist working with video, text, installation, photography and performance. Her work often includes participants to explore the nature of bodies and identity in relation to power and borders in society. Previous projects include, filming a barber and soldier in the Texas desert, choreographing dancers in a video installation in Copenhagen, directing Olympic fencers on scaffolding in London, making dream interviews with people on the streets of Harlem and becoming an employee in 21 different 'day-jobs' in Paris.

Recent exhibitions include, L'école des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, Operation Tumbleweed, Nantes, France, 2020; Alabama Contemporary Art Center, Operation Tumbleweed, Mobile, Alabama, USA 2019-20; McKinney Avenue Contemporary Gallery & Reading Room Gallery; Talley Dunn Gallery, Land Border Other, Dallas, TX, USA, 2016; Line, Lisson Gallery, London, 2016, BeefHaus, Foreign Affair, Dallas, TX, USA, 2015; Then there was land, Turner Contemporary, Margate, 2013-14; Conflicted Memory, Alan Cristea Gallery, London, 2013.

Southwark Studio Award

The Southwark Studio Residency (2006 – 2012) was based at the Galleria in Peckham. The residency was awarded to Southwark-based artists, who received a rent-free studio (worth £5,200) for 18 months, plus a stipend of £10,000. The residency was supported by Southwark Council and the South London Gallery. The partners aimed to nurture and extend the relationship between the artist, their work and the wider community.