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Jonathon Baldock

Fire Station Residency

Jonathan Baldock works across multiple platforms including sculpture, installation and performance. With work often taking on a biographical form, he addresses the trauma, stress, sensuality, mortality, and spirituality around our relationship to the body and the space it inhabits. Jonathon has an ongoing interest in the contrast between the material qualities of ceramic and fabric used within his work.

Recent exhibitions include Me, Myself and I, Kunsthall Stavanger, Norway, 2020, Facecrime, The Bluecoat, Liverpool, 2020, Facecrime (suspect), Stephen Friedman Gallery, London, 2020, Facecrime, Camden Arts Centre, London, 2019, There’s No Place Like Home, CGP, London, 2017 and My biggest fear is that someone will to crawl into it, SPACE, London, 2017. Jonathon is represented by Stephen Friedman Gallery.

Fire Station Residency 2010-2015

Acme's residency at the Fire Station is one of the most directly supportive schemes for artists in the United Kingdom, providing combined studio and living space at low rents, as well as a half rent residency for a deaf or disabled artist. This five year fixed-term residency scheme is intended to allow artists more time to concentrate on the development of their work and professional careers, and less time working to survive. 2010-2015 artists were selected by artist and educator Cath Hawes, artist Gayle Chong Kwan, and Acme's founder and former Chief Executive Jonathan Harvey.