Acme Studios — #26 40th Anniversary Website Commissions

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#26 40th Anniversary Website Commissions

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In 2012, Acme sent an invitation out to all artist tenants to submit artworks for display on the home page of the website throughout 2013. The artists were given a specification to submit an image or video of the submitted work, with a theme that connected to Acme, whether that be buildings, artists, the making of art, the studio, supporting artists, bridging the gap between college and professional practice. 60 submissions were made, and of these 12 were selected, each to be displayed for a month. Prior to the display of the anniversary commissions, the same space on the website was used for a piece by Jock McFadyean called ‘Memory Lane’

The selected works for display on the website were

January - Ed Gray, Mile End Beginning (previously featured in our story on Copperfield Road)

February - Charlie Yetton, Cave

March - John Hooper, To Exody by Harrison Birtwhistle

April - Cathie Pilkington, Potter Pig

May - Yukako Shibata, Colour of Shadow

June - Helen Barff, Studio tools

July - Miyuki Kasahara, Squirrel Rhythmic Gymnastics: The Ribbon

August - Anna Moderato, Boll – Studio 99, 100 and 101

September - Andrew Seto, Builder

October - Eleanor Bowen, Studio (work in progress detail)

November - Helena Ben-Zanou, Bridge

December - Anne Bristow, Untitled 6, series 2