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James Tailor

Helen Scott Lidgett Award

James Tailor makes work that resides in an intersection between painting and sculpture. He uses found materials, often repurposing furniture or domestic objects. A key process of his practice is the production of a malleable skin created by laying acrylic paint onto glass in layers. He then works this skin into folds or pleats onto stretchers or uses them as part of assemblages.

James was selected for the 2017/18 Helen Scott Lidgett Award by the artist Alison Turnbull, Hannah Corbett (former Chief Executive, Acme), Charlie Coffey (Residencies & Awards Programme Manager, Acme) and Alex Landrum (Central Saint Martins) from a shortlist of six MFA graduate artists from CSM, University of the Arts, London.

Upon completing his award in September 2018, James presented BOUND at PEER alongside fellow early career programme artists Dominic Dispirito, Alex Urie, and Chris Timms.

Helen Scott Lidgett Award

The Helen Scott Lidgett Award was a partnership between Acme and Central Saint Martins, funded by Acme and the Helen Scott Lidgett Fund between 2013-19. With the goal of providing a bridge between college and professional practice, the award includes a bursary, rent-free studio space and a mentoring programme tailored specifically to the graduate’s practice. Recipients of Acme’s early career programme occupy shared studio space in order to foster and encourage a greater degree of peer support and an environment of growth, risk-taking and excellence.