Acme Studios — Our Mission and Values

Supporting Artists since 1972

Our Mission

To support non-commercial fine artists in need, and the development of art, through:

  • The increased provision of affordable, long-term, high quality, purpose-designed, accessible and well-managed studio and living space
  • The provision of creative development opportunities for artists
  • Research into the needs of artists
  • Partnerships and collaborations with others including local authorities, social and commercial housing providers, high education institutions and other cultural agencies

To support others who share our mission through:

  • Provision of space for organisations and projects that provide affordable access to resources, amenities and creative development for artists
  • The sharing of our knowledge and experience by providing advice and consultancy to artists and groups of artists looking to provide affordable studios or services to artists
  • Enabling others to secure affordable space for artists in need
  • Strategic advocacy

Our Values

Artists are essential to society, and we place them at the heart of everything we do. Through our activity, we are committed to ensuring that artists can continue being artists.


We strive to make a positive impact

  • We treat people fairly and do not exploit artists to fulfil the outcomes of others.
  • We value other perspectives, taking time to listen with compassion and with a commitment to honesty and openness.
  • We value diversity in all we do and are committed to equality and social justice.
  • We consider the environmental impact of our activity, striving to minimise it in all aspects of our work.


Trust is the foundation of all our work

  • We trust in artists and prioritise their autonomy.
  • We operate principled and transparent criteria for selection and allocation, and don't take risks with artists' needs.
  • The effectiveness of our team is built on mutual trust and we are motivated by a shared desire to support artists.
  • We place trust in partners who share our values and earn their trust through transparency, honesty and integrity.


Our long term approach creates stability

  • We protect and nurture the future of artists in London, prioritising their long term growth and development.
  • We evolve and innovate without taking short term decisions that would be detrimental to our long term goals.
  • We continue to grow expertise to meet the political, cultural and economic challenges of the future, without compromising our mission or beliefs.