Acme Studios — #45 Partner Spotlight: Creative Australia

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#45 Partner Spotlight: Creative Australia

50 opportunities for 50 years

Creative Australia is the Australian Government’s principal arts investment and advisory body.

Founded as the Australia Council for the Arts in 1968 and established by the Australia Council Act 1975, Creative Australia was established in 2023. They invest in creative talent and stimulate the market for Australian stories to be told on a national and international scale, sharing their rich culture with the world.

Since 1992, Creative Australia has partnered with Acme to provide London work/live residency opportunities for Australian visual artists. These residencies are located at Acme's Fire Station in Poplar, E14. Application and selection is undertaken directly by Creative Australia.

98 artists have benefited from the programme since its inception. Recent alumni include Nikki Lam, James Geurts, Nathan Beard, Hoda Afshar, TextaQueen, Channon Goodwin and Salote Tawale.

“We are proud of our long-running partnership with Acme, which has supported some extraordinary bodies of work and career-building opportunities for Australian artists. The London Residency gives artists time, space, and resources to make new work in one of the world’s great cities and Acme makes every effort to provide a supported environment.” Mikala Tai, Head of Visual Arts, Creative Australia