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Jeanette Petri

Hessische Kulturstiftung Residency

Jeannette Petri is a portrait photographer working for editorial and corporate projects. She studied photography and film at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach. Her interest lies between documentary and staged photography. While studying fine art in Germany, she started her hip hop career as Jee-Nice, and in 2005 she founded Anattitude magazine - the first international hip hop magazine in print, representing the female side of hip hop culture.

Jeannette’s videos China Shipping (2000), and Rock It (2005) have been shown in international film festivals, and her photographic work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Hessische Kulturstiftung, Germany
Acme has managed a residency programme on behalf of Hessische Kulturstiftung since 1995, located on Lyal Road, Bow, E3. Residencies are awarded to artists for a period of 12 months, and the size of the accommodation enables the artist to bring their family or dependents for the length of residency. Based in a residential area populated by many artists, the house is well situated for access to other arts spaces and central London. Residencies are open to all artists from Germany. Applications and selection are dealt with directly by Hessische Kulturstiftung.

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