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Vittorio Santoro

Landis & Gyr Stiftung Residency

Vittorio Santoro was born in 1962 in Zurich, Switzerland to Italian parents.

For his works, be they installations, text-drawings, films, sculptures, or sound pieces, Vittorio chooses specific ways to manipulate conventions to desired effects believing that creativity is an ongoing process of continual change and response. His characteristically intricate visual sensibility engenders startling yet uncanny forms and constellations.

Vittorio’s works seem rooted in everyday observations but push beyond in order to reveal latent historical, socio-political and metaphysical realities. His practice conceals a tension between the referential potential of objects and the choreographic nature of their placement in context. Vittorio is sensitive to the unassuming nature of everyday interactions: he examines the notion of individual agency as it plays out within larger networks of clichés, common ideals, models of authority, or processes involving manipulation and power.

Solo or group exhibitions include: Yvon Lambert, Project Room, Paris (2019); Phenomenon 3, Biennial of contemporary art, Anafi (Greece) (2019); Centre Pompidou, Paris (2017); Counter Space, Zurich (2016); MoCa, Project Room, Shanghai (2015); Kunsthaus Zurich (2015); Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin (2015); 1a Space/Burger Collection, Hong Kong (2013); Espace Louis Vuitton, Paris (2013); Fondation Ricard, Paris (2012); Yvon Lambert, New York (2011); Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2011); Rosascape, Paris (2011); Tate Modern, London (2006).

Landis & Gyr Stiftung, Switzerland

The Landis & Gyr foundation awards studio scholarships to Swiss artists and cultural professionals in London, Budapest, Sofia and Zug. Its London-based residency partnership with Acme was established in 1987, and provides six month long work/live opportunities for ten Swiss artists per year. Artists are selected for the programme directly by Landis & Gyr Stiftung and must demonstrate a track record of achievement in their field. Over two hundred visual artists, curators, writers, musicians and composers have benefitted from the programme. Residencies are based in Stepney, E1 and are available to Swiss residents only

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