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Tuija Lindström


Tuija Lindström was a Finnish-Swedish photographer and artist. She lived and worked in Stockholm, Sweden. Tuija rose to great acclaim through her series The Girls at Bull’s Pond (1991) which took further her previous investigations into the male gaze and patriarchal structures through female-centred narratives.

Tuija's work is characterized by material experiments, and the darkroom became a place for her meditative, alchemical operations: a place where her craftsmanship could coax soft shades, deep blacks and intense contrasts out of paper, chemicals and light. In 1992 Tuija was appointed as a professor of photography at the University of Gothenburg, making her the first female professor of the subject in Sweden. In Gothenburg, Tuija established a master’s programme and laid the foundations for ongoing photographic research in the university, introducing philosophy and art history into the training and helping to move Swedish photography away from the documentary tradition.

Since the 1980s, Tuija has exhibited both nationally and internationally, most notably in 2012 with the retrospective exhibition A Dream If Ever There Was One at the Hasselblad Centre in Gothenburg in collaboration with Helsinki’s Finnish Museum of Photographer. Her work is represented in multiple collections, including the Moderna Museet in Stockholm; the Houston Art Museum in Texas; the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and Finnish Museum of Photography both in Helsinki.

Iaspis, Sweden

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