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Daniel De Roulet

Landis & Gyr Stiftung Residency

Daniel De Roulet is a Swiss writer. Prior to devoting himself to writing, he was an architect and computer scientist. Daniel’s life and writing are politically controversial in Switzerland. He was registered and observed by the federal authorities for several years after having signed a petition in favour of conscientious objectors, an experience on which he based in 1996 book Double. Daniel is best known for his cycle of ten novels which retrace, through the history of two families, the epic story of nuclear power and war that begins with Hiroshima and ends in Fukushima: taking in both the triumph of science and the questioning of its excessiveness. He is also the author of numerous travel chronicles and critical essays around the notion of ‘globality’: a positive alternative to globalisation, which allows us to consider a politics and writing of the commons.

He is the recipient of multiple awards, including: a scholarship from the Commission littéraire de langue française du canton de Berne in 1992 for À nous deux, Ferdinand; the 1994 Michel Dentan for Virtually Yours; the Babet d'Or from Lettres Frontières, Saint-Étienne (1995), and the Alpes-Jura Literature Prize (1996) for The Blue Line; the 1999 Grand Prize for Literature of the Canton of Berne and the Pittard de l’Andelyn Prize for Double; the 2005 Geneva Literary Society Prize; the 2011 Marcel-Aymé Prize for Aesthetics of Running; and the 2019 Bibliomedia Prize for Ten Little Anarchists.

Landis & Gyr Stiftung, Switzerland

The Landis & Gyr foundation awards studio scholarships to Swiss artists and cultural professionals in London, Budapest, Sofia and Zug. Its London-based residency partnership with Acme was established in 1987, and provides six month long work/live opportunities for ten Swiss artists per year. Artists are selected for the programme directly by Landis & Gyr Stiftung and must demonstrate a track record of achievement in their field. Over two hundred visual artists, curators, writers, musicians and composers have benefitted from the programme. Residencies are based in Stepney, E1 and are available to Swiss residents only

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