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Alison Munro

Australia Council for the Arts Residency

Alison Munro is an Australian artist working in textile, print and drawing-based media. She is interested in using these media to investigate the patterns, codes, maps and formula used to represent the natural world. Her work uses constructed and drawn crochet and other stitching to examine processes of inscription and translation in relation to scientific representations of the natural world and how these might contain potential for ‘new’ ways to read nature. These works take as their starting point a number of crystallographic x-ray diffraction images – maps of the molecular structure of crystalline forms.

Recent exhibitions include: Super Natural, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK (2006); Future Farm (2007), Bird Show (2009), Green (2010), Art + Food (2012), all Brenda May Gallery, Sydney; Crystallography, Craft ACT (2010), and Crystallography 2 (2011), both Brenda May Gallery, Canberra; Natural Digestion, UTS Gallery, Sydney (2011); Imitation of Life (2011) and Petite Public Art: You Are Here Festival (2012), both Canberra Museum and Gallery.

Australia Council for the Arts

Since 1992, the Australia Council for the Arts has partnered with Acme to provide London work/live residency opportunities for Australian visual artists. These residencies are located at Acme's Fire Station in Poplar, E14. Application and selection is undertaken directly by the Australia Council for the Arts.

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