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Sarah Duffy

Fire Station Residency

In recent work, Sarah Duffy, born 1986, has examined the shifting nature of the spaces we inhabit and the borders and maps we create to delineate our environment. Sarah questions how we orientate our own ageing bodies in a world that keeps morphing and moving - politically, environmentally, spatially - and the effect this has on our sense of self. How, for example, are we reconfigured alongside our environment, and in what ways is our inner space - both psychological and physical - altered by all of these changes?

Sarah graduated in 2013 with a MFA from Goldsmiths College, University of London; after which she became the inaugural recipient of Acme's Goldsmiths MFA Award. Projects and exhibitions include: Solo Performance Om3am x Sarah Duffy hosted by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jos Bitelli and Felix Melia; Mount Florida Screenings at Glasgow Museum of Modern Art; A Faraway Rendez-vous at SixtyEight Art Institute as part of Copenhagen Art Week; Artists Behind Bars at Matt’s Gallery; Solo performance Enjoy The Silence at Camden Arts Centre; The Ol' Switcheroo at Jupiter Woods, alongside Sophie Jung and Rebecca Lennon and The Frequency of Magic at out_sight Gallery, Seoul.

Over the next five years, Sarah's ambitions include training in multi-channel and 360-degree sound design to enable her to expand her live performance practice, as well as scaling up her moving image and audio-visual installation practice. Over the past few years she has repeatedly returned to the subject of the disembodied voice; manipulating and altering her own live speaking and singing voice, as well as experimenting with pre-recorded voices. In her live performances, Duffy aims to create complex spatial illusions through innovative use of sound, combining her physical body and voice with pre-recorded 360 compositions to disorientate and misdirect the audience.

Fire Station Residency 2020-2025

The Fire Station Residency provides secure, practical, work/live studio space, and a programme of artist support and professional development for five years. Based in the heart of East London, the residency allows artists more time to concentrate on the development of their work and careers, and less time working to survive. Artists were selected by Anthea Hamilton, artist and current Acme work/live studio resident; Judith Carlton, Director of Southwark Park Galleries; Paul Bayley, Head of Residencies & Awards, Acme; and Charlie Coffey, Programme Manager, Residencies & Awards, Acme.