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Work/live FAQs

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1) I want to share the work/live studio with someone. Should we both make an Expression of Interest (EoI), or can I submit a joint one?

If you are both eligible artists, we recommend that you each submit an EoI. If only one sharer is an eligible artist, then only this person can submit an EoI.

2) It says that artists will be shortlisted at random. Does this mean that artists who require accessible spaces are not prioritised?

No. When artists respond to vacancies, they can tell us if they have access needs that would be assisted by the work/live studio. We will run two random selection pools, one for those who have access needs and one for those who don’t. This will help us to ensure that a proportion of artists invited to viewings will have access requirements.

3) Why are you using random selection in the allocation process?

We are using random selection in the process to offer an equal chance for all interested artists when demand for our work/live studios is so high. It also reduces the amount of unpaid labour required from artist applicants who apply but are not shortlisted.

Although no assessment of relative need is made before the random selection is undertaken, we will work with the shortlisted artists to ensure that the work/live studio is allocated to those who will make best use of it.

More information on this approach is available in this article by Martin O’Leary in Arts Professional. You can also watch his talk on YouTube ‘Random Selection as a Tool for Change’.

4) Is there anything else I can do to make my case or provide more information at this stage?

No. The Expression of Interest form covers all the information we require at this stage.

5) Why are you allocating the work/live studios individually when you previously allocated them one building at a time?

Our new approach aims to relate to tenants holistically. This includes supporting individuals as they develop their exit strategies from work/live studios. Rather than a simultaneous move-out date for all studios, we are instead allowing for a staggered exit depending on individual circumstances.

We will re-allocate studios as and when they become vacant. Future vacancies will be circulated via our new work/live mailing list and advertised on Acme’s digital channels (website, social media) when they become available, using the same process (Expression of Interest, random selection, application).

6) Will the content of my CV be considered as part of the random selection process?

To be eligible for a work/live studio, you need to have a current and active arts practice of at least five years. Your CV will be used to confirm this.

7) I have a noisy practice and use power tools when working, can I apply?

All tenants have the right to 'quiet enjoyment' of their premises. If your practice is likely to cause disturbance to other tenants, then we would ask you to take steps to prevent this. This may mean using an alternative workshop for noisy or very dusty work, headphones for music or limiting the hours you work. If you think these restrictions will hinder your working practice, please do not apply.

The physical requirements of artists’ practices and, therefore, how the studio will be used will be a consideration in Acme’s final allocation decisions.

8) I am a sound artist, can I apply?

Yes, but please see the answer above. The studios are not soundproofed, so you would need to use headphones when working with sound. If you think these restrictions will hinder your working practice, please do not apply.

9) I use heavy machinery, can I apply?

Unfortunately, no. Each studio space is relatively small and not suitable for heavy machinery or processes.

10) Do I have to live in the studio?

Yes. Acme requires and expects that the studio will be the main address of the artist tenant and they should occupy it for the duration of the tenancy. Subletting is not allowed.

11) Can dependants live in the work/live studio with me?

You may live with your dependants in our Glassyard and High House buildings if you think the studio is sufficient for your needs. However, the units at the Fire Station cannot accommodate artists with dependant children due to the age, design and location of the building.

12) Can I share the work/live studio with a partner?

Yes. Many artist tenants occupy their work/live studios with their partners.

13) Can I have guests to stay?

Short stays from friends or family are anticipated.

14) Can I sub-let my studio if I go away?

No. Acme expects the studio to be occupied by the artist tenant and does not allow sub-letting or for you to pass the studio on to someone else. Acme does not permit you to short term let your studio through Airbnb, Facebook or any other social media platform.

15) Can I have a pet?

We will consider all requests on a case-by-case basis. Other than assistance animals, we do not recommend having a pet in the studio, especially dogs as there is no outdoor space and the noise of barking could cause disruption for fellow tenants.

If you do have a pet in the studio and it causes damage, you will be responsible for this. Similarly, if complaints are raised by neighbours you will be responsible for resolving them.

16) Is there a deposit charge?

Yes, we require a returnable deposit equivalent to one-month rental charge.

17) How much notice can I give if I want to leave?

Artists may give two months’ notice at any time.