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Isa Suarez

Southwark Studio Award

Isa Suarez is a composer based in South London. Born in the Basque region (Spain/France) and trained as a classical musician (piano, Le Conservatoire), Isa composes for film, television, theatre, dance and performance. Inspired by her interest in human rights and community engagement..

Isa's work has been exhibited at leading London galleries including Tate Britain, Barbican Arts Centre, Whitechapel Art Gallery and South London Gallery, and has led her to collaborate with other communities and artists in London, South Africa, U.S.A and South America.

Southwark Studio Award

The Southwark Studio Residency (2006 – 2012) was based at the Galleria in Peckham. The residency was awarded to Southwark-based artists, who received a rent-free studio (worth £5,200) for 18 months, plus a stipend of £10,000. The residency was supported by Southwark Council and the South London Gallery. The partners aimed to nurture and extend the relationship between the artist, their work and the wider community.