Acme Studios — Costs

Supporting Artists since 1972


The rent for each work/live studio in the Fire Station is £720 per calendar month. This rent charge is fixed for the length of the five year tenancy. This includes any business rates (on the studio element), buildings insurance, water, maintenance, communal electricity and cleaning, care taking and management. The Fire Station studios also benefit from a programme of individual and group support and professional development opportunities.

Artists will be required to pay a deposit of £720 (one month’s rent) which is returnable when they leave. There are no administration fees. The rent charge does not include electricity, Council Tax, internet, TV licence or contents insurance.

Council Tax

Artists will be liable for Council Tax, the studios are in the lowest valuation band ‘Band A’ which is currently £854 (2018/2019) a year. Tenants would normally be entitled to a 25% reduction as a single occupant. Artists on Income Support will normally pay no Council Tax. Those on very low incomes may be eligible for Housing Benefit.