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The Acme Project Space ran from June 2009 to December 2015. It provided an opportunity for those artists who are part of our Residency & Awards Programme and our International Residencies Programme with a public space within which to develop projects, show new work and engage in a critical dialogue with a wider audience.


Ninna Bohn Pedersen

‘Perforations’ 19.9.2013 - 29.9.2013



Thursdays to Sundays, 1pm to 6pm
Private view: Thursday 19 September 2013, 6pm to 8pm

This exhibition marks the end of Ninna Bohn Pedersen's year spent in the Adrian Carruthers Award studio and comprises a selection of works produced within that time-frame. Continuing to work within a variety of mediums, 'Perforations' presents a further exploration of the spatial relationship between between moving image, sound, text, sculptural interventions of silk, found objects and drawings. Her focus is perched on the constellation between artwork, maker and receiver. She places the viewer within a broken narrative, that points simultaneously in and out of the artwork itself.

It is a step into an intimate sphere of the artist’s personal space exploring her body as a canvas. Following strands that leads the viewer through several narratives all embedded in the female body, as mother, artist and lover.

'Perforations' both alludes to the violence of penetrating through a material to that which lies beyond as to the moment of transition from one plane to another of the self. It is a double action that mirrors both the action of the artist making and the viewer receiving.  


If I cannot have you.
I can press the camera against the tender surfaces of my body.
I can be alive with my tongue pulsating against the lens.
The glass that separates us evaporates in this fiction.
My body pulsating pressed against your eye.
You look at me.
You look at me.
But there are just sheets of glass.
Impotent desire.
Punctured and destructive.

I crane my neck.
I warp my wrist.
All to open your hand.
And all there is are sheets of perfect glass and pervasion of love.

So if I cannot have you.
I can make a film:
I can paint the world through the prism of my body.
Imprint my body onto your iris.
Take the camera where you should have gone.


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