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The Acme Project Space ran from June 2009 to December 2015. It provided an opportunity for those artists who are part of our Residency & Awards Programme and our International Residencies Programme with a public space within which to develop projects, show new work and engage in a critical dialogue with a wider audience.


Roger Kite

‘Pathways’ 17.11.2012 - 16.12.2012

'Pathways' at the Acme Project Space. Photo: Roger Kite (2012)
'Pathways' at the Acme Project Space. Photo: Roger Kite (2012)
'Pathways' at the Acme Project Space. Photo: Roger Kite (2012)
'Pathways' at the Acme Project Space. Photo: Roger Kite (2012)
'Pathways' at the Acme Project Space. Photo: Roger Kite (2012)
'Pathways' at the Acme Project Space. Photo: Roger Kite (2012)


17 November – 16 December 2012
1pm to 6pm Thursday to Sunday or by appointment
Private View: Sunday 18 November 12 noon to 4pm

The survey ‘Pathways’ at the Acme Project Space, traces Roger Kite’s work from 1976 to the present and forms part of Acme Studios’ 40th anniversary calendar of events. Roger joined the organisation as our housing manager in 1978 and at the end of next year will be leaving Acme to pursue his practice full time.

This show not only celebrates Roger’s work but also the strong and enduring relationships that Acme has enjoyed with its staff and ex-staff over many years. Mirroring his 34 year relationship with Acme, ‘Pathways’ does not hope to provide a comprehensive survey of Roger’s work, rather it provides a glimpse of a journey of discovery.

Roger’s first one-person show of paintings and drawings opened at The Acme Gallery in Covent Garden in September 1977. ‘Pure colour’ even then was central to his practice, with the resulting ‘abstract’ works evolving from a process-based approach involving a random selection and application of groups of colours applied to geometric formats. Part of the Arts Council Collection, Diagonal 1, 1976, from that series, is included in this exhibition. Experimentation with abstraction continued into the 80s, but increasingly ‘figurative’ elements such as body measurements, including those of his family, began to define the assemblages of monochrome panels. Colour was sometimes chosen for its emotional impact with references directly to skin, hair and blood. These elements continued to be embedded deep into the process of conceptualising and realising the work and, into the 90s, extended to the inside of the body and to plants where in nature their structures take common forms.

In 1994 Roger received the Abbey Award at the British School at Rome which coincided with sabbatical leave from Acme. A number of strong visual influences coincided – the intense reds and yellow ochres of the walls of many buildings, the stone pines, cypresses and olive trees and, most particularly, the ancient Roman fresco paintings. In some phases of Roman painting a wall may be a single intense colour containing a centralised, relatively small isolated motif such as a floating figure. These influences are all visible and celebrated in recent work.


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