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The Acme Project Space ran from June 2009 to December 2015. It provided an opportunity for those artists who are part of our Residency & Awards Programme and our International Residencies Programme with a public space within which to develop projects, show new work and engage in a critical dialogue with a wider audience.


Jan Hendrickse

‘Transient’ 31.3.2011 - 17.4.2011

'Transient' by Jan Hendrickse. Photo: Esther Ellard (2011)
'Transient' by Jan Hendrickse. Photo: Esther Ellard (2011)
'Transient' by Jan Hendrickse. Photo: Esther Ellard (2011)
'Transient' by Jan Hendrickse. Photo: Esther Ellard (2011)
'Transient' by Jan Hendrickse. Photo: Esther Ellard (2011)
'Transient' by Jan Hendrickse. Photo: Esther Ellard (2011)


Tower Hamlets Studio Residency

‘Transient’ is a durational sound installation by Jan Hendrickse. Most of the sound heard in the piece derives from conversations and sound recordings made with two women living on the Aberfeldy Estate in east London. Joyce Thomas is a long-term resident of Poplar, having lived in the same house in Abbott Road since 1951. Floria Twyman has only been living in Poplar for a few months. Her family are originally from Zambia, and Floria has lived in the UK for most of her adult life. Joyce’s recollections of her time living in Abbott Road were recorded and have been fragmented and transformed. Her words were transcribed and sung by Floria and these recordings were again transformed. Floria’s voice was also recorded in various locations close to the A12 such as the underpasses and bridges. Jan explains the background to the work:

‘People in Poplar often live in close proximity to the noise and pollution of the A12. I became interested in the idea that most of the people passing through daily had very little idea of the nature or history of the place. I began to make audio recordings of the road followed by video recordings, all of all of which emphasised the feeling of observing motion and transience.’

This exhibition marks the end of Jan’s time as the holder of the Acme Tower Hamlets Studio Residency, a two-year award based at Acme’s new-build studios in Leven Road, E14. The residency provided Jan with a rent-free studio, a bursary of £10,000 a year and the opportunity for him to develop his own practice and build relationships, through his work, with local residents and the wider community. The Residency forms part of Acme’s Residency, Awards and Community Programme which since its inception in 1997, has grown to be one of the most significant and direct means of supporting contemporary artists in the UK.


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