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The Acme Project Space ran from June 2009 to December 2015. It provided an opportunity for those artists who are part of our Residency & Awards Programme and our International Residencies Programme with a public space within which to develop projects, show new work and engage in a critical dialogue with a wider audience.


George Charman

‘Once Again And Always New’ 5.5.2012 - 27.5.2012

'Once Again And Always New' George Charman (2012)
'Once Again And Always New' George Charman (2012)
'Rising Against The Pale Blue Sky' George Charman (2012)
'After Before Eternity' George Charman (2012)
'The Great Good Place' George Charman (2012)
'The Way Back' George Charman (2012)


Fire Station Work/Live Programme 4

George Charman’s work explores modularity, abstraction and notions of dwelling relating to the perspectival and metaphysical properties of architectural space. For his solo show Once Again And Always New at Acme Project Space, Charman presents a new body of sculptural works influenced by the repetitious detail and geometric qualities evident within the work of writer Alain Robbe-Grillet. Playfully subverting the structural qualities and material makeup of objects in search of a slippage of association that releases the object from a specific space or situation, Charman attempts to invoke a state of latency that suspends the desire for instant recognition of things in favour of a more speculative examining of the properties and possibilities of objects. George is one of 12 artists on Acme's Fire Station Work/Live Programme.


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