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Rosika Desnoyers

‘The Creative Industry of Mary Linwood’ 20.8.2015 - 23.8.2015



Thursday to Sunday 1pm to 6pm

Over several decades, Rosika Desnoyers has developed an interdisciplinary art practice that is premised on the aesthetic use, study and collection of pictorial embroidery as a means to explore the disciplinary social relations of contemporary art production. Her thesis in research-creation investigates the conditions of emergence of Berlin work (needlepoint) in the early nineteenth century and its eventual shift from that of an official knowledge, the most widely practiced form of art by European women, to that of a submerged knowledge, displaced by the skill-based ethics of the Arts & Crafts Movement and by formalist philosophy at the turn of the last century.

The exhibition at the Acme Project Space presents new work developed within a six-month studio residency as the Canada Council for the Arts London Artist Resident. This work expands Desnoyers' genealogical investigation of a submerged cultural practice suspended between historically specific and temporally sedimented meanings. The Creative Industry of Mary Linwood explores the late eighteen-century needlepainting of Mary Linwood as a strategy for the production of new visual propositions within the context of Desnoyers’ own 'effective' display strategies.

Rosika Desnoyers is a Montreal-based artist with experience working in several national museums in Canada and the United States. She is the recipient of a humanities doctorate from Concordia University and a postdoctorate from the Université du Québec à Montreal. She is co-author of the recently published Millet Matrix: Contemporary Art, Collaboration, Curatorial Praxis ( and author of the forthcoming Berlin Work, Genealogy, Needlepainting: A History of Errors.



Acme Project Space

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Acme Project Space is located in the heart of East London's gallery district, around the corner from The Approach and a short walk from Vyner Street. The venue is well served by public transport:

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The Acme Project Space provides an opportunity for those artists who are part of our Residency & Awards Programme and our International Residencies Programme with a public space within which to develop projects, show new work and engage in a critical dialogue with a wider audience.

The programme of projects and exhibitions is developed in collaboration with those individual artists, who have already been through a selection process and aims to highlight the benefit artists gain from this support. The Acme Project Space therefore, is not currently able to accept unsolicited exhibition proposals from other artists.

Access and facilities

There is level and ramped access throughout the Acme Project Space. All printed material is available in a range of formats, please contact or 020 8981 6811 for further information. There are no public toilet facilities on site.



Milou van der Maaden

‘In Spite of the Mass’ 4.9.2015 - 20.9.2015

Milou van der Maaden, <i>in Spite of the Mass</i>, research image: Pieter Aertsen, <i>Butcher's Stall with the Flight into Egypt</i>, 1551
Milou van der Maaden, <i>in Spite of the Mass</i>, research image: Pieter Aertsen, <i>Butcher's Stall with the Flight into Egypt</i>, 1551


Thursday to Sunday 1pm to 6pm

Private View: Thursday 3 September, 6pm to 8pm

In Spite of the Mass is an ongoing project by Milou van der Maaden (Adrian Carruthers Studio Award) that deals with immigration politics and national image making in the Netherlands. The exhibition will present fragments of Milou’s new project and its surrounding research through a focus on biopolitical struggles and the agency of resistance.



Guan Wei and Wayne Warren

‘Crossing Lines’ 30.7.2015 - 2.8.2015

'Paper War' by Guan Wei
'Paper War' by Guan Wei
'Knot & Black Tower' by Wayne Warren


Thursday to Sunday 1pm to 6pm

Private View: Thursday 30 July, 6pm to 8pm

We are delighted to present Crossing Lines, an exhibition by artist in residence Guan Wei (Australia Council for the Arts) in collaboration with British artist Wayne Warren at the Acme Project Space.

Crossing Lines expresses concern with human behaviour, focusing on areas of disruption where violence, greed and corruption prevail over harmony and tolerance within societies.

Wei’s work embodies current social and environmental dilemmas, presented through complex symbolic forms. The work Paper wars, which is presented as part of Crossing Lines was originally created after the events of 9-11. Within this work Wei uses various military symbols sketched onto a copy of Xian Gong’s Qing Dynasty landscape painting. Wei has continued to re-work the painting to produce an animation film, also on display.

Paper wars is inspired by the work of French social theorist and critic Jean Baudrillard. Wei explores the concept of war as simulacra. It is no longer 'up close' with real guns and bullets, nor is it bloody. It is virtual. Paper wars presents 'moving symbols', by re-organising, arranging, and categorising common military symbols and placing them in a traditional landscape painting, in order to bring real situations of war to life.

Wayne Warren’s work focuses on the relationship between architecture and the influences of human decision making and actions on the global environment. His work presents conflicting notions of continuity, stability, collapse, suspension, preservation, time and materiality, referring to an increasingly frail environment, where structures can fall apart and nature pushed to the point of extreme destruction. Warren uses these reference points to discuss the long term side effects of human behaviour in relation to the global environment and the dwindling natural resources.


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