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A showcase exhibition of four artists completing the Acme Graduate Programme

Kristaps Ancāns, Josh Berry, Caroline Streck, Ruth Waters

Group show - 28 September to 10 October 2017

Open Wednesday to Saturday noon to 6pm

97 – 99 Hoxton Street, London, N1 6QL
Private view: 27 September 6-8pm

SEEP is a showcase exhibition which brings together four emerging artists as they come to the end of the Acme Graduate Programme, a year-long studio programme for recent graduates from a range of London art schools. Four of this year’s awardees, Kristaps Ancāns, Josh Berry, Caroline Streck and Ruth Waters have made new work to exhibit in the gallery spaces at PEER.

Kristaps Ancāns (Helen Scott Lidgett Award, Central Saint Martins) makes floor-based sculptural assemblages using found or easily acquired materials that often incorporate a kinetic element. The descriptive titles of the works provide a kind of narrative for the work and are thought of by the artist as another material in their production. Humour is often combined with a kind of pathos in these works, so that “they maintain at a precariously balanced point where formal values, physical laws and allusive references are all set in play – on a brink of undermining each other, all the while holding together in a disconcerting harmony.”

Josh Berry’s (Adrian Carruthers Award, Slade) work is often derived from his sense of play, and an instinct to toy with the liminal space between the known and unknown. His focus begins with the tangible world, working with ubiquitous objects, building materials and things designed for utility. Berry invites us to engage with his re-reading of these items from their commonplace existence into objects of more significant potential. The work made for PEER comes from his interest in the parametric arch – a structural curve that is created by a chain hung between two points. When inverted, the arched shape that is produced has particularly strong load-bearing properties. For Berry, the work takes that simple act of inversion as a starting point.

Caroline Streck (Chelsea MA Award) works with minimal forms found in the built environment and the everyday. She considers how architecture and structure relate to basic shapes through repetition and rhythmic forms – and then isolates and contextualises them as paintings and drawings. The compositions become de- and re-stabilised during the process of construction. At PEER, Streck will show recently completed work in the gallery as well as make two site-specific paintings outdoors, one for the very public space in front of PEER and another more discrete intervention will feature at the rear of the building.

At the core of Ruth Waters’ (Goldsmiths MFA Award) practice is an interest in how ever-present pressures exerted upon us by late capitalist networked society affect our daily lives, and how this has impacted on our levels of anxiety. For the past six months she has been conducting Skype interviews with people who suffer from severe phobias. Her new video installation tells the story of REDSKY66, a young man who has extreme Apeirophobia – fear of eternity – and what happens when he sends a viral tweet.

Focusing on the transition between college and professional practice, Acme aims to intervene in critical points in an artists’ careers. As part of Acme’s Residencies & Awards Programme, the Acme Graduate Programme provides recent graduates with a rent-free shared studio for one year, cash bursary, mentoring from visiting artists and curators, and the opportunity to work towards a public project or exhibition. The programme offers emerging artists the time, space, financial support and opportunities to build their practice beyond art school within a supportive network/shared community of peers. In 2016-17, the graduates received group mentoring and support from Haroon Mirza, Oreet Ashery, Patrick Goddard, Janice Kerbel, Chris Fite-Wassilak, Anna Colin, and Nikhil Vettukattil. The programme is generously supported by Jane Hamlyn, and the families of Adrian Carruthers and Helen Scott Lidgett.

Acme’s partnership with PEER provides the artists a rare opportunity to exhibit at an internationally renowned gallery and to benefit from the generosity and experience of director and curator Ingrid Swenson.

For more information about SEEP, please visit the PEER website -

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