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Dagmara Genda and Love Enqvist - Artists' Studio Presentation Event
Love Enqvist 'Magellania' - 16mm filmstills
Love Enqvist 'Magellania' - 16mm filmstills

Sunday 10 August

12 noon to 2.30pm (Please arrive for 12 noon)

Canada Council for the Arts live/work studio, 408 Manhattan Building, Bow Quarter, 60 Fairfield Road, London, E3 2UQ


Acme International Residencies Programme and Matt Roberts Arts would like to invite you to an Artists' Studio Presentation event and lunchtime reception for two of Acme's international residency artists: Dagmara Genda (Canada Council for the Arts) and Love Enqvist (Iaspis, Sweden). Both artists will discuss their current work and practice with Sophie Willamson, Exhibitions Organiser, Camden Arts Centre, whose current show Shelagh Wakely's A View from a Window focusses on the ephemeral magic of nature and gardens.

Dagmara Genda makes drawing and collage on paper, as well as large-scale architectural installations. The primary concern linking her work together is an investigation of drawing through various types of content and medium. Her drawings are made by reacting to a given form whether it be traced imagery, an ink spill or tea stains. Using a labour intensive technique of applying graphite or paint and ink, she weaves gestural marks through the background imagery to create a visually dense work. Her collages are derived from repeating forms, the most recent of which are sourced from multiple photographs of one hedge in Regent’s Park. During her London residency she has been isolating the different mark-making techniques she has utilised to produce new abstract works loosely tied around the theme of the garden.

During his London residency Love Enqvist has been connecting independent strands of enquiry: a concern with representation and ideas on how to live together; ideas and individuals whose stories haunts our present; social and spacial change and what is inscribed in the collective history and memory. He has also been delving into the Anarchist tradition in the UK, The Diggers, Radical Gardeners and Swedenborg's ideas around gardens all of which share themes with his work on the Arborsculptor, Axel Erlandsson, and his lost utopian garden as well as his recent essay film “Magellania” which includes a narrative about an Anarchist in Jules Vernes book Magellania.


This is an intimate studio event and we would like to extend a special invitation to you to attend. The audience will consist of a small select group of artists and arts professionals and there will be the opportunity to have a drink with the panel and your fellow attendees over a light lunch. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP to by Thursday 31 July.

Dagmara Genda 'Ungrounded City I' (2012, 2013) brush and ink, acrylic paint, pencil crayon on paper 48
Dagmara Genda 'Ungrounded City I' (2012, 2013) brush and ink, acrylic paint, pencil crayon on paper 48"x48"

Acme International Residencies Programme 44 Copperfield Road, Bow, London E3 4RR
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